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Acrylic Paint

Art Paint NZ

Discover the world of painting with various paints, like acrylic, chalkboard, oil, paint sets or gouache.

Any type of project, big or small – we’ve got you covered! So, view our art paints to start exploring, creating and displaying a bit of colour to bring your next masterpiece to life.


Unleash Your Creativity with High-Quality Art Paints, Brushes, and Supplies

Fuel Your Creative Vision with Premium Art Paints, Brushes, and Supplies

At our Class Art Supplies Store, we invite you to embark on a vibrant artistic journey filled with endless inspiration. Discover an exquisite collection of art paints, brushes, and supplies that cater to artists and craft enthusiasts of all levels.

Step into our world of artistry and unlock your full creative potential. Our meticulously curated selection of art paints, including a wide range of acrylic paints, acrylic tubes, and paint sets, will ignite your imagination. Immerse yourself in a palette of vibrant colors as you express your unique vision on canvas. Complement your artistic endeavor with our top-grade Acrylic brushes, expertly designed to provide exceptional control and precision, allowing you to bring your artistic ideas to life with finesse.

For those passionate about oil painting, we offer an array of oil paint tubes and sets. Immerse yourself in the rich, captivating world of oil pigments. Experience the depth and luminosity they bring to your artwork, allowing you to create captivating masterpieces that reflect your artistic prowess.

Embrace the allure of metallic acrylic paints, perfect for adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your artwork. Let your creativity shine as you incorporate these shimmering colors into your projects, elevating them to new heights of visual appeal.

Our commitment extends beyond being an art supplies store. We are your one-stop destination for all your crafting needs. From acrylic and oil paints to watercolor supplies and brushes, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality art supplies. Discover the ethereal beauty and transparency of watercolors, accompanied by our specially designed watercolor brushes that allow you to achieve delicate washes and intricate details with ease.

Ignite your passion for art and let the joy of creating illuminate your life with our superior materials from our Class Art Supplies Store in Auckland. Begin your creative journey today and experience the difference that exceptional art supplies can make.

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