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About Us

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In the heart of West Auckland, where the buzz of creativity hums in every corner, stands a quaint, family-owned gem: Handy Mandy, a beacon for artists and craft enthusiasts alike. This isn't your typical corporate giant; instead, it's the brainchild of a brother-sister duo, embodying the true Kiwi spirit of ingenuity and kinship.

At Handy Mandy, the clock knows no bounds. By day and often into the night, these siblings pour their hearts into their business, ensuring that every customer's visit isn't just a transaction, but a memorable experience. Amidst shelves bursting with vibrant art supplies, you can feel the personal touch in every corner.

What sets Handy Mandy apart isn't just its array of products, but its ever-evolving nature. With a keen eye on the pulse of creativity, new items grace the shelves regularly, each accompanied by blog posts, whimsical content, and a lively chat with the owners through their online portal.

But where did this journey begin? It was Nick, whose aunt's tenure in the variety and gift store industry sparked a flame. Spending vacations assisting in her store, he noticed a gap – a space cramped with potential yet limited in variety. Diving into research and conversations with local suppliers, Nick's vision took shape. And so, with the support of about 70 suppliers and a trove of 2000 items in tow, Handy Mandy's doors opened, promising a haven for art and craft lovers, with a promise of continuous growth and exploration.

What We Offer: Handy Mandy isn't just a store; it's a treasure trove of artistic possibilities. From the novice artist dabbling in acrylics to the seasoned professional seeking the perfect oil paint, our shelves are stocked with a wide array of products. Our selection boasts over 600 Mont Marte products, including Acrylic Paints, Watercolour Pads, and a range of Paint Brushes, catering to every artistic inclination.

Whether it's the fluid dance of Pouring Acrylic Paint or the timeless beauty of Oil Paint, each product in our extensive collection is chosen with our customers' creative journey in mind. We provide everything from beginner-friendly Acrylic Paint Sets, complete with tutorials and tips, to professional-grade materials for seasoned artists.

Customer Experiences: Our commitment to quality and service shines through in the words of our customers:

"Was thrilled to find Handy Mandy's YouTube recommended item available right here in NZ. Their quick service added to an already great experience!"

"My daughter's artistic confidence has soared with her new Art Desk from Handy Mandy. Its adjustable features and built-in compartments have transformed how she engages with her art."

"Excellent customer service from Handy Mandy! My order arrived promptly, adding another layer of appreciation for their products."

Join Our Community: At Handy Mandy, our journey began with a simple vision – to fill the gap in the local art supply market. Nick, inspired by his aunt's tenure in the variety and gift store industry, and with the support of 70 local suppliers, launched a platform to bring affordable, high-quality art supplies to New Zealand. Starting with 2000 items, our store has become a beacon for those who live and breathe art.

Our online shopping destination is designed for seamless browsing, offering everything from stationery to a diverse range of creative items. With a flat shipping rate, secure checkout, and products stocked locally for quick delivery, your convenience is our priority.

Explore and Create with Handy Mandy: We invite you to explore the world of Handy Mandy, where art is more than just a product; it's a passion. Visit our store or our online portal to discover how we can help you on your artistic journey. Whether you're starting out or are an experienced artist, let Handy Mandy be your partner in creativity.