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Grab yourself some squeezable oil paint tubes to make your life in the studio, home or classroom a little easier
Whether you like to use Oil paint straight from the tube or squeeze it onto your palette, these tubes make for a mess-free experience so you can spend more time creating
You'll find our Oil Paint tubes are compact and lightweight, meaning they'll fit nicely in bags while you're on the go or in drawers, shelves or storage containers.
Explore our range to find a world of colours available in traditional and water mixable oil paint tubes to paint your next masterpiece.



The Handy Mandy oil paint collection is a range of high-quality oil paints made with premium materials, offering a smooth consistency and rich pigmentation for artists of all levels.

Our Premium range comes in 46 Colours, best for beginners.

The best surface for oil painting is generally a stretched canvas, and it is also a popular choice because it is solid and flexible.

It is generally not recommended to put oil-based paint over water-based paint without properly preparing the surface with sanding, cleaning, and a suitable primer.

For beginners, acrylic is the perfect medium and After you have some kind of experience, you can move on to oil paints.

Oil paints stay wet for a lot longer than acrylics, it gives you the flexibility to start a painting and then continue from next day.

Oil paint is water-resistant, while acrylic paint is waterproof when dry.

To clean an oil paint palette, scrape off excess paint, wipe with paper towels, use a solvent, scrub with a brush, rinse with soap and water, and dry.

Acrylic paint can be used over oil-based paint, but it is important to properly prepare the surface by sanding and cleaning it before applying the acrylic paint, and to use a primer designed for use over oil-based paint to ensure good adhesion.

Discover High-Quality Oil Paint Supplies in Auckland with Handy Mandy

Are you looking for a range of Oil Paint Supplies In Auckland? Handy Mandy is one of the famous art supplies in Auckland, offering a wide range of high-quality art materials for artists of all levels.

We supply various Oil Colour for different finishes, from glossy to matte, and We also maintain the quality of our Oil Colour consistency through high-quality pigments and linseed oil.

Because of the smoothness and ease to work, Our Oil Colours are popular among amateur and professional artists. Our Oil Paints come in various sizes, from small tubes to large containers.

Top Performing Oil Paints for Artists

Premium Oil Paints: Features: Made from high-quality pigments and linseed oil due to these, Oil Paints are smooth and Provide great consistency. They have a high lightfastness, which means they resist fading over time. Mont Marte Premium Oil Paint range consists of 70 colours that are artist-grade and made from high-quality pigments.

H2O Water Mixable Oil Paints: Features: Perfect for artists who want to achieve traditional oil paints' look without harsh solvents. It can be mixed with water instead of turpentine or mineral spirits, making Oil Paints safer and more environmentally friendly.

Studio Essentials Oil Paints: Features: Very affordable with quality of smoothness and consistency.

Signature Oil Paints: Features: Oil Paints are formulated with a high pigment load for maximum colour intensity. These Oil Paints have good lightfastness and are also suitable for various techniques. Mont Marte Oil Paints: Types of Products Available

Oil Paint Tubes: Comes in various colours and is available in 75ml tubes, Colours such as; Brilliant Red Premium Oil Paint Burnt Umber Oil Paint Tube Cadmium Red Premium Oil Paint Carmine Premium Oil Paint Tube 75ml Emerald Green Oil Paint Premium 75ml Gold Oil Paint Tube Premium 75ml White Oil Paint Tube Premium 75ml Black Oil Paint Tube Premium 75ml

Oil Paint Sets: Comes in various colours and sizes; ideal for beginners experimenting with different colours and techniques.

Oil Paint Mediums: Oil Paint Mediums are designed to change an effect on oil paints and are also used to speed up or slow drying time. Some popular Mont Marte Oil Paint Mediums include linseed, walnut, and painting mediums.

Oil Paint Accessories: These Products are used with oil paint to create different effects. Some Products are included, such as Palette Knives, Brushes, and Canvas boards.

Express Yourself with a Wide Range of Colours and Sizes

Oil Colours: Handy Mandy's Oil Colours are available in various colours, including Primary colours such as Cyan, Magenta, Turquoise, Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow and Yellow Deep.

Oil Sizes: Handy Mandy's Oil Paints are available in tubes of different sizes ranging from 37ml tubes to 75ml tubes.

Handy Mandy also offers sets of oil paints that include a selection of colours in various sizes. These sets are ideal for artists experimenting with different colours and techniques.

Don't Miss These Tips When Buying Oil Paint Online

Check the product line: Handy Mandy's offers several product lines of oil paint, including Premium, Studio Essentials, and H2O Water Mixable.

Check the colours range: Handy Mandy's offers a wide range of colours across its different product lines. Read the product description: Make sure to read the product description carefully to check for information.

Check customer reviews: Read customer reviews to see what other artists say about the paint's quality, performance, and colours accuracy.

Consider buying Oil Paint sets: Mont Marte offers various sets of oil paint that include a selection of colours in different sizes. These sets can be a cost-effective way to try different colours and products.

What should you look for when buying oil paint online?

Quality: Look for Oil Paint with high-quality pigments and binders that affect your artwork's overall colours and durability.

Colour Range: Please check the colours offered by supplies to ensure you can find the colours you need for your artwork.

Reviews: Always read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality and performance of the oil paints. Shipping: Always best to check shipping options and costs before making a purchase

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