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Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint Set

Experience a Whole range of Painting Sets; whether you're looking to try new colours or want to explore a collection of acrylic paint sets, Poster Paint sets, Pouring Acrylic Paint sets, Oil Paint sets, and Fabric Paint sets. Our sets are an easy and affordable way to do so!

In our painting sets range, you will explore tubes and bottles and all kinds of paints, including Oil, Acrylic, fabric paints and more. Browse our art paint sets to discover a world of creative possibilities.



The Handy Mandy paint set collection is a range of art supplies, a famous art materials brand. Handy Mandy is known for providing affordable yet high-quality art supplies for beginner and professional artists. The Handy Mandy paint set collection includes various paint mediums such as acrylic paint Set, watercolour paint Set, oil paint Set, and Fabric Paint Set. These sets typically come in a range of colours, offering artists a wide selection to choose from for their artworks.

Acrylic Paint Sets are suitable for beginners because they are versatile and easy to use.

Paint sets refer to a collection on a kit that includes multiple colours or types of Paint, but Paint tubes refer to individual containers or boxes of different colors.

Yes, artists can use a paint set on canvas; in fact, the canvas is one of the most popular surfaces for painting.

An acrylic paint set is ideal for beginner artists due to its vibrant colours and drying time.

Unleash Your Creativity with Handy Mandy's Extraordinary Paint Set Collection

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Handy Mandy and our remarkable Acrylic Paint Set Collection!

At Handy Mandy, we are passionate about inspiring every artist. Our Acrylic Paint Set collection symbolizes our brand's distinctive perspective on the all-paint set range, offering many options to fuel your artistic ambitions.

Experience the full spectrum of artistic possibilities with our variety of collections. From Acrylic Paint Sets that bring vibrant colors to life, to Oil Paint Sets that capture the timeless beauty of traditional techniques, and Fabric Paint Sets that unleash your creativity.

For those passionate about fabric art, our Fabric Paint Sets unlock a world of boundless creativity. At Handy Mandy, we understand every artist craves variety and seeks to explore multiple mediums. Hence, our paint set collection provides a wide range of options, including Watercolor, Gouache, and more.

Handy Mandy's Versatile Paint Sets: Unleashing Artistic Potential in Various Sizes and Mediums

The Handy Mandy Paint Set collection offers a wide range of top-performing items that cater to the diverse needs of artists. These Paint sets are available in various sizes, allowing artists to choose the best option to suit their artistic vision. From compact and portable sets with smaller tube sizes to larger sets with big tube sizes for extensive projects.

Handy Mandy ensures that artists can work on different scales and achieve their desired results. Whether you prefer the precision of small tubes for detailed work or the generous supply of larger tubes for bold and energetic strokes, Handy Mandy has the perfect size option to accommodate your artistic vision.

Handy Mandy Paint Sets often come in well-organized packaging that keeps the tubes or pans secure and easily accessible, ensuring convenience and ease of use. The fast-drying and water-based nature of acrylic paints offer versatility and convenience, making them suitable for various artistic techniques.

The Handy Mandy collection offers a wide range of product sets designed to inspire and meet the needs of artists.

At Handy Mandy, you will find an array of product sets, including:

  • Acrylic Paint Set: The Handy Mandy Acrylic Paint Set showcases a variety of sizes, from small tubes to larger tubes. These acrylic paint sets feature high-quality paints in various vibrant colors, allowing artists to create stunning artwork.
  • Oil Paint Set: Handy Mandy Oil Paint Sets typically include tubes of various sizes, allowing artists to work on different scales. The smooth consistency of the oil paints allows for easy blending and layering.
  • Watercolor Paint Sets: Handy Mandy Watercolor Sets come in various colors in convenient pan or tube formats.
  • Fluorescent Paint Sets: Explore our fluorescent paint sets to add a great glow to your artwork! Our Fluoro paint set makes getting your hands on various colors easy.
  • Pouring Paint Sets: Handy Mandy Pouring Paint Sets come with various Pouring Paint Sets, with 60ml and 120ml.

Tips for Buying Paint Set Online

When buying a paint set online, consider the following tips:

  • Reviews and Ratings: It's always good to check reviews and testimonials from other buyers on our website, which will give you an idea of the quality and performance of the Paint Set.
  • Check the Color Range and Finishes: We have a variety of colors available such as coral, symphony, celestial, cosmic, flamingo, ethereal, and aurora.
  • Compare Prices and Value for Money: When purchasing a paint set, it's preferred to check the price between different sellers.
  • Check for Additional Accessories or Tools: Some paint sets may include mixing cups, pouring mediums, and brushes.
  • Look for Reputable Sellers and Secure Payment Options: Always check the business history and how long they have been operating. Verify that the website has safe payment options.

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