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Acrylic Paint

Easel Stand

Enjoy the freedom to move, (or not move), sit, stand or easily pack up and go with our art easels. Whether you're creating on the go, in class or at home, find the right easel for your space; one that you can count on to hold your masterpiece while you work! 



A good easel should stably support your work and be big enough to take your usual largest size and suit the type of media you want to work with.

Types of Easels Floor Easels Table Easels Mini Easel Display Easel Studio Easel Storage Boxes

Artist Easel, Display Easel, Tabletop Easel, Mini Easel come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with slightly different functions or canvas size capacities. Handy Mandy offers a huge range of affordable easels for artists of every skill level. We carry a wide variety of easel types including Desk easels, Studio easels, Creative Art Station , Tilting Box Signature Floor Easel, Table Easel with Drawer Signature.

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