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Acrylic Pouring Medium 240ml

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Create your own fluid art by adding this pouring medium to your acrylic paints! You can also use it in small amounts to make your brushstrokes flow better in regular acrylic painting.


  • Ideal for fluid art
  • Improves the flow of acrylic paints
  • Increases paint transparency
  • Dries clear
  • This versatile medium can also be used to create smooth brush strokes in regular acrylic painting
  • Also available in 1L size


Acrylic pouring medium can be stored for a period of time, but we find that up to a week is best.

A typical rule of thumb for medium body acrylics is 1 part paint to 3 parts pouring medium, meaning you're using more pouring medium than you are actual acrylic paint.

Mont Marte is the best-known brand and pouring medium on the art market, specifically made for artists.

Mont Marte Acrylic Pouring Medium is permanent and waterproof when dry.

Once your pour painting is completed it is important to leave it to dry for at least 24 hours.