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Gesso Premium 500ml

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This water-based universal primer is superb for preparing surfaces for painting. It is a bright white opaque primer.


  • using gesso on a pre-primed canvas gives your painting a smoother, more even surface
  • the smooth surface allows paint to flow freely and won't get lost in the weave of the canvas
  • reduces acidity levels of paper and wood, giving your painting longer life when using these supports.


Apply two thin coats of gesso for a smooth surface with Mont Marte Gesso Brushes. May also be applied with a palette knife for a more textured effect. Touch dry within 2 hours, longer for heavier application. Clean up with water.

Use with

  • Mont Marte Gesso Brushes
  • Mont Marte Long Handle Gesso Brushes
  • Mont Marte Flat Wide Taklon Brushes
  • Mont Marte Foam Hobby Brushes
  • Mont Marte Foam Rollers
  • Mont Marte Palette Knives



You can also tint your gesso to make any colour you want. Mix a little acrylic paint into the gesso, and you've got some tinted gesso.

It would help if you painted When Gesso is dry. Gesso should be dry to paint on because Gesso's purpose is to create an interface between the support and the Paint. The Gesso Provides a smooth, absorbent and luminous background. If you paint while Gesso is still wet, you disrupt the gesso layer and may risk exposing the substrate and removing the isolation layer.

Gesso acts as a flexible, semi-absorbent, protective layer between the medium and the surface. Canvas needs to be protected from the Gesso as well, as follows.

Gesso is very similar to acrylic paint and dries hard, making the surface stiffer. Gesso prepares the surface for painting and makes the surface slightly textured and ready to accept acrylic paint.

Acrylic primer is suitable for acrylic and oil painting. Gesso, pronounced 'gesso', was traditionally used to prepare or prime a surface so Oil paint would hold fast.