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Burnt Sienna Premium Satin Acrylic Paint 75ml

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Burnt Sienna Premium Satin Acrylic Paint 75ml: The Art Lover's Dream

Our Premium Satin Acrylic Paint have a silky-smooth texture and rich pigments that give you endless colour mixing possibilities.

These artist-quality paints also feature a very good lightfast rating to keep your artworks looking their best for a lifetime. Explore the range, choose your colours and start creating.

  • The Benefits of Choosing Our Premium Satin Acrylic Paints

  • Rich pigments for clean colour mixing and strong colour intensity
  • Great coverage and a semi-matte finish
  • Smooth, medium viscosity consistency
  • Very good lightfastness: Satin Acrylics have a lightfast rating of 6 or above (equivalent to ASTM2). This means that under museum lighting conditions, the pigment will remain unchanged for 50-100 years
  • Can be diluted with water or acrylic mediums for glazing or watercolour techniques
  • Available in a range of colours

Handy hint: Clean up with warm soapy water while paint is wet.


Acrylic colours are ideal for various artistic techniques like detailing, blending, layering, texturing and much more. The advantage of using acrylic colours is that they adhere to various surfaces like canvas, terracotta, wood, plastic, ceramic, etc. Therefore, they are ideal for both beginner and professional use.

The shelf life of Satin Acrylic Paint can vary depending on the brand and storage conditions. Generally, it can last several years if stored in a cool, dry place and tightly closed between uses.

You can varnish over Satin Acrylic Paint to provide a protective layer and enhance its sheen. It is recommended to use a varnish designed explicitly for acrylic paint and to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Some standard methods for using Satin Acrylic Paint include brushwork, layering, blending, dry brushing, and glazing. It can also be used for various projects, such as painting on canvas, creating mixed media art, or decorating crafts.

Satin Acrylic Paint is generally considered safe as it is non-toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals. However, following the manufacturer's instructions and using it in a well-ventilated area is still important.