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Acrylic Paint

Art Modelling Paste

Add extra dimension to your artworks, projects and crafts with a modelling paste. Create textured backgrounds in your artworks, on a range of surfaces or build up texture alongside a palette knife



Modelling paste can be mixed with acrylic paint while still wet to create a thick paint, or it is possible to add colour over the top of dry paste too.

Moulding Pastes are water-based products formulated with 100% acrylic polymer emulsions, which give great flexibility and durability.

Modelling paste can be use to build up shape and texture then paint over it using acrylic paints or you can mix it with your paint before applying. The Modelling paste is ideal for creating texture and 3D elements within your painting.

There are three ways to do paint on Modelling Paste: You can lay down your modelling paste then paint into it while it;s still wet. You can mix the paint with the paste and then apply it to your surface. You can wait for the paste to dry on the surface and then brush paint over the top.

Modelling paste and Hard Modelling paste can be sanded, carved by hand or with power tools.

The time will vary depending on how thickly you have applied the modelling paste and the humidity conditions.

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