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Guide to Mont Marte Oil Mediums

Enhance Your Oil Painting Experience.

Oil painting is a timeless art form that artists have enjoyed for centuries. 



It offers a rich and luminous finish, allowing the artist to create stunning works with various colours and techniques. 


However, oil painting can be challenging, especially for beginners, as it requires a good understanding of the materials and techniques. 


Oil mediums are substances added to the paint to modify its consistency, drying time, and other properties. Using oil mediums, artists can achieve various effects and create a painting that reflects their vision.


This guide will examine Mont Marte Oil Mediums and how they can enhance your oil painting experience.


Using Mont Marte Oil Mediums:


Using Mont Marte Oil Mediums is straightforward. First, mix a small amount of the medium with the paint before applying it to the canvas. 


  • The medium you use will depend on the effect you are trying to achieve, so it is essential to experiment and find the right balance for your painting.


Mont Marte Oil Mediums are essential for artists who want to take their oil painting to the next level. 


Whether a beginner or an experienced artist, these mediums will provide you with the versatility and control needed to create truly stunning works of art. So why not try Mont Marte Oil Mediums today and see the difference yourself?


If you want to transform your paintings or slow the drying time, our guide to oil mediums will help change how you work with oils without losing that vibrant colour and sheen.



Refined Linseed Oil Premium


This type of oil is something to pay attention to. Our Refined Linseed Oil Premium will slow the drying time of your oil paints and improve flow; it will also work to increase the gloss and shine of your projects. 


In addition, this oil medium has a mid-viscosity, meaning its medium thickness gives you more control over the spread of your oil paints and will help you to create longer brush strokes.


Safflower Oil Premium


Our Safflower Oil Premium will increase the gloss of your oil paints and reduce the yellowing that can happen when using linseed oils. 


  • If you're painting with white and pale hues, safflower oil is a great choice to keep your whites white and lighter colours clean and bright. 


  • In addition, with its thin consistency, similar to that of milk, this oil medium will improve the flow and transparency of your oil paints.


Amber Gel Premium


  • If you want to add translucence to your artwork without losing the thickness and richness of your oils, our Amber Gel Premium may be for you. 
  • This oil medium will help you adjust the clarity in your work, and you will still be able to create those impasto techniques and make your brush strokes stand out. In addition, due to its alkyd resin, the amber gel will also speed up your oil's drying time, making the whole situation a win.


Amber Thinner Premium


  • Our Amber Thinner Premium will help speed up the drying time of your oils and can also be used to clean oil paint brushes. We all know cleaning oil paint from meetings can be tedious. 


  • However, this amber thinner will recondition and clean your oil paint brushes, leaving them squeaky clean for your next creative session.





Prime your project using gesso for a smoother start or seal your work without losing your strokes. Available in clear, black and white, priming with gesso can reduce the acidity levels of paper and wood, meaning your results can live longer.


On the other hand, a textured gesso will help build up the texture with your oils and can also be applied with a palette knife to build dimension.



We hope you feel inspired and confident to experiment with our guide to oil paint mediums. Please show us what you create using #artsupplies or tag us @Handymandy on Instagram or Facebook.

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