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How to choose your acrylic paint - Handy Mandy Craft Store

How to choose your acrylic paint

Welcome to the beautiful world of Acrylic Paint!

There are plenty of acrylic paint options for both beginner and intermediate creatives.

Keep reading to discover which acrylic paint is suitable for your project.

  1. Beginner Friendly Acrylic Paints with a smooth finish 

  Mont Marte Signature Acrylic Paint:


Signature Acrylic Paint

Mont Marte Signature Acrylic Paint comes in many colours like Titanium WhiteMedium YellowLight Purple and 26 Varieties. It is a smooth and creamy texture and can be used on most surfaces, including canvas, cardboard and leather.
For Students And Beginners our Signature Acrylic Paint is an excellent introductory paint.
Our Signature acrylic paints dry to a semi-matte finish and have a quick drying time.
This range has a variety of colours, so stock up on your favourite Acrylic Paints to create your dream Project.

Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Paint:

 Satin Acrylic Paint

Our range of satin acrylic paints offers a variety of colour ranges, including Titanium WhiteCerulean BlueLamp BlackRaw Umber and another 24 different kinds of colours
This portable tube squeezes these acrylics out and works straight. So whether you're looking to pick your favourites or top up your supplies, this range has something for everyone

 2. Heavy-bodied/ thick viscosity acrylic paints

For when: you want to create texture and thick brushstrokes.

Mont Marte Dimension Acrylic Paint :

Mont Marte Dimension Acrylic Paint


This acrylic's ultra thick consistency can be applied with a brush, palette knife, or shaper to create overemphasised texture effects.
It dries hard and holds shape while still maintaining flexibility and smooth flowability.
The DIMENSION Acrylic Paints series is available in various colours, which dry to a radiant gloss finish.
Key Features:
  • High Viscosity
  • Gloss Finish
  • Strong Colour Intensity
  • Excellent Lightfastness
  • Premium Quality Pigment

    3. Fluid acrylic paints

    For When You want a superfluid acrylic for pouring or to cover large surface areas.

    Mont Marte Pre-mixed Pouring Paints Acrylic Paints :

     Pouring Paints Acrylic Paints

    Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic Paints are perfect for acrylic pour art. This easy to use Paints comes in a variety of bright, highly-
    • Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic Paints are perfect for acrylic pour art.
    • This easy-to-use product comes in various bright, highly-tint colours and easy-pour formula that flows seamlessly, creating stunning marbled effects.



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