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Best Art Supplies For An Every Beginner Artist Needs? - Handy Mandy Craft Store

Best Art Supplies For An Every Beginner Artist Needs?

Art Supplies refer to materials and tools used by artists to create their artwork.

The type of art supplies you need will depend on the artwork you want to create and your personal preference and style.

We have selected some common type of Art Supplies For You.

Here is a list of some standard art supplies for artists:

  1. Paint (oil, acrylic, watercolor): A basic set of watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint colors.
  2. Canvas or paper: A collection of stretched canvases or canvas boards for painting. 
  3. Paint brushes: A set of synthetic brushes in various sizes for watercolor, acrylic, or oil painting.
  4. Easel: An easel or a board to support your canvas while painting.
  5. Pencils (graphite, charcoal): A set of graphite pencils in various softness grades.
  6. Markers or pens: Make your next masterpiece pop with our collection of bold art markers. 
  7. Charcoal or pastel sticks: Soft and medium charcoal sticks for shading and creating texture.
  8. Palette knife: A plastic or wooden palette for mixing colors.
  9. Sketchbook or journal: A good quality sketchbook for practicing and keeping a work record.

Art supplies can be purchased at Handy Mandy Art Supplies Store or online retailers, ranging from basic supplies to more specialised and professional-grade materials.

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