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5 Tips and Techniques for using Acrylic Mediums - Handy Mandy Craft Store

5 Tips and Techniques for using Acrylic Mediums

Acrylic Mediums for Beginners: Taking Acrylic Paint to the next level with 5 Techniques and Mediums to try


If you want to bring Acrylic Paint to the next level, Here are the best Technique And Mediums To Try.


Acrylic Paints are recommended to beginners, and painters, as they are relatively affordable and easy to use.


Do you know acrylic paint is most effective and versatile when used with Acrylic mediums?


Here are ten things to try with your acrylic painting to expand your practice:


1. No additives -  Acrylic Paints are great to use straight from the tube. 


It's easy to build texture this way, and most acrylic paints dry to a semi-gloss finish.


2. Gel Mediums (Gel) – Gel Mediums serve the same purpose as liquid mediums but have a thicker consistency.


3. Impasto – Impasto medium comes with an excellent, thick consistency designed to produce very thick textures without the risk of the paint cracking as it dries. 


4. Modelling Paste - Modelling Past is used to create texture on the surface before you begin painting; Modelling paste can mix it with paint.


5. Texture Gels – Mont Marte has a great range of texture gels which are super fun and easy to use, like an impasto.


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